Nadwa Zahed

“The mind once enlightened, cannot again become dark” – Thomas Paine

After the sudden passing of my mother at the age of 45, in April 2005, followed by a miscarriage and the devastating discovery of an abnormal pregnancy 18 months later (which lead to a termination at 22 weeks), I found myself searching for answers.

All tests and full autopsies were carried out, and in both cases the doctors were unable to provide a medical explanation for what had happened.

Three months later I got pregnant and went on to give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

Just when I thought my life was finally getting back on track, I found myself spiraling into a deep dark hole.

Not having given myself permission to grieve for my losses, I knew I needed help.

A chance meeting with a dear friend and relative of mine opened my eyes to the world of Reiki.

After completing Reiki II, I was introduced to The Art of Living by my Reiki Master.

It was during one of The Art of Living courses that I met a lovely lady who brought ThetaHealing to my attention.

I remember her saying “I don’t know much about it but I think it might help you”.

That same night, I went home and looked up ThetaHealing online.

I found a course being taught in Dubai, booked a place, bought my plane ticket, and a few weeks later I was sitting on an airplane heading there.

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