Dropbox is releasing its Desktop app Today for Public

News in Brief:

  • Dropbox is launching its new Desktop app today.
  • The new overhaul is called “Dropbox Spaces”.
  • The company is looking to expand its horizons from providing storage facilities to being an all-in-one corporate service. 

Dropbox Inc., a San Francisco-based company revealed the news of the evolution of its core product now named “Dropbox Spaces” on Wednesday. 

Back in June, the firm launched a preview version of the new application, which is built around a standalone app interface and creates an interlinking between the folders. 

It is focused on integrating work tools like Slack, G Suite, Zoom calls, and more – all in one place. 

It is actually a dramatic overhaul on the part of Dropbox for it has always been known for its simple functionality of sharing folders. 

Now, those folders will show as “Dropbox Spaces” in the desktop app, which is being released on 26 Sept-19 – Today. Dropbox envisions this app to shape itself as an all-in-one utility corporate service.

What’s new in Dropbox Spaces?

  • Any Dropbox Space now can possess text descriptions to distinguish its purpose and to-do lists for managing tasks that are about to come.

  • There is a “For You” tab that can be found in the system tray of the Windows system or on the Mac OS menu bar to pull information from your calendar and assemble files you might want. It also displays a timeline of recent activities (edit and comments) from your team members.

  • The feature called “People pages” allows you to see the folders and files you had shared or collaborated on with anyone.

  • You can integrate tools like Slack, Zoom, and Trello into any Dropbox Space which will enable you to join a Zoom meeting and add things to the Trello card from a Dropbox Space.

  • You can add your cloud files like Google Docs, or any other files in your Office 365 accounts into the Dropbox Spaces.

  • If you wish to search for something within your images, then you can do so with Dropbox by using computer vision to recognize an image’s contents. This feature supports files like JPG, PNG, and GIF and today itself will roll into Dropbox Pro.

  • You can share files as large as 100GB (for Pro or Business users) and 100 MB for basic users, irrespective of whether they have a Dropbox account or not. When you upload a life, a shareable link will be provided. Setting up alerts that notifies you whenever a file is downloaded is also made possible in this new version. You can also set password protection or simply set a sharable link that will get expired after a particular amount of time.

To avail of all these new features and functionalities, you need to download the new desktop app.

Though Dropbox started off as an MVP and since then it has come a long way from there and disrupted the cloud industry to a great extent. However, the company just doesn’t want to remain a storage company anymore. 

The CEO of Dropbox, Drew Houston said – “the way we’re working isn’t working,” while on stage asking the audience to stop thinking of the company as “just” a storage company.

Seeing what Dropbox has become from being just a SaaS startup, many organizations were inspired to enter the domain of SaaS app development. And in no time Dropbox’s list of competitors started to grow. However, the company has established its roots so deep in the market that we do not see anyone close to uprooting it anytime soon.